Just Me

My friend, Gary, took these photos of me in August at one of my favorite spots in the world: Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park. Yes, I'll go ahead and make a bold claim since it's Friday.

It's awfully funny being on the other side of the camera because the entire time I'm wondering about camera settings. And my attention span is that of a squirrel monkey (they have short attention spans, right? ...it's an actual animal... right...?). After just a few moments of having my photos taken and I notice myself drifting away mentally and with it, any sort of attention to making decent-for-public-exposure expressions. Imagine this O________o if you will. (;

But I think the photos turned out well despite my subconscious self-sabotage. :-D With that said, the weather is fabulous today and I think I will venture out to one of my favorite spots in the whole world to listen to some music and ponder life. And read. But probably not Popular Photography.

I always wear high heels in the park! Ha!

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