How did I get to this moment?

Ninety minutes later I looked up from my laptop briefly and thought, "How did I get to this blog???"

Mental steps retracing and I realized I got to Moment Junkie because of Dooce. (And I got to Dooce a long time ago through Jasmine Star. And found Jasmine Star through... okay, this can take all day....)

I absolutely love love love Moment Junkie and I just found it tonight. It showcases all of the photojournalism that can take place at weddings: a single photograph of a single moment that tells a big story. Don't get me wrong, I adore taking beautiful portraits. But my bread-and-butter, I think, is dealing in moments. Moments that show hilarity, moments that capture a smile or a glance and, hopefully, a lot of love and heartfelt connection.

Yes, I will submit a photo to the site and let you know if I should get featured on Moment Junkie.

In the meantime, enjoy this bit of caketastrophe. Eep!

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